Tokenization of Asset Game

I met for coffee with a Chicago trading buddy up in Evanston, north of the city. He kept asking: “Where are we at? What’s the elephant in the room?”

We kicked around this idea over iced lattes, and before we knew it we had our answer, and there wasn’t even a runner-up: hands down, the “winner” was the tokenization of assets.

I’ve felt the same way for months, but it seemed awfully reassuring to hear someone with a similar career, age, geographical, and life-DNA make up tell me he feels exactly the same way.

Unless I’m wrong and please correct me if that’s the case, none of the Top 100 Coins in the world are tokenized assets.

I think in 5 years, 50% will be. It could be nearly all of them.

If you think cryptos are in the early stages, the tokenization of asset game – where you own fractional digital “shares” in an Oregon timber field, Brazilian sugar-plant, or Kazhaki oilfield – hasn’t gestated yet.

As clarity on security tokens globally becomes a “thing”, virtually every asset you can think of (and some you could never imagine) will be available to global investors – even if regulators in some countries fight it.

Trust me, that won’t matter – this isn’t a regional phenomenon. It’s global. And this multi-trillion dollar marketplace has barely gotten started. Stay tuned.